Meet Our Board

Passion-Driven People Serving the Brain Injury Community

Sarah Grant

BIHN Board President

Sarah Grant serves as the board president for the Brain Injury Hope Network, where she advocates for caregivers, spouses, and family members. Residing in Salem, NH, with her husband David, who sustained a brain injury in 2010, Sarah's journey into advocacy began in 2013 when she founded an online support group.

This group has since grown to a global community of 10,000 members, offering a safe space for caregivers to share experiences, find resources, and build resilience. Sarah is dedicated to fostering a supportive and understanding environment through the Brain Injury Hope Network's various platforms.

David A. Grant

BIHN Board Vice President

David A. Grant founded the Brain Injury Hope Network after a 2010 cycling accident left him with broken bones and a brain injury. This experience led him to dedicate his life to serving the brain injury community. David is an author of books such as 'Metamorphosis: Surviving Brain Injury,' 'Thoughts of Hope: Daily Meditations for Ordinary People Affected by Brain Injury,' and 'Through the Years: Rediscovering Life After Trauma.' His work has appeared in 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' and on, a PBS-supported resource.

He is also a keynote and inspirational speaker at brain injury conferences, known for his impactful communication style. Together with his wife Sarah, David co-founded the Brain Injury Hope Network and HOPE After Brain Injury Magazine, creating one of the largest online brain injury support communities. These initiatives highlight his commitment to fostering connections and support within the brain injury community.

John Richards

BIHN Board Member

John Richards, a lifelong New Hampshire resident, has dedicated over 30 years to human services, primarily supporting individuals with disabilities. With a Master's in Social Work from Simmons College and an MBA from the University of Massachusetts, his career has focused on improving lives. John's work has spanned families, children, teens, and adults with disabilities, including brain injuries and neurological illnesses. He has held roles in clinical social work, management, and administration.

In 2001, a cerebral cavernous malformation shifted his perspective from advocate to survivor. John served as the Executive Director of the New Hampshire Governor's Commission on Disabilities, promoting state inclusivity. With over 30 years in the Brain Injury Association of New Hampshire, including as Board President, John continues to contribute to the community. He also works as a clinician at MAPS Counseling Services in Keene and Peterborough. John's story embodies lifelong dedication to inclusivity and advocacy.

Samantha Martin

BIHN Board Member

Samantha Martin has been passionate about supporting individuals with acquired brain disorders and their caregivers for the past 17 years. She is a Certified Brain Injury Specialist with certificates in leadership and concussion aftercare. For the last eight years, she has assisted individuals in accessing and utilizing waivered supports in the state of New Hampshire. During this time, she has also facilitated a monthly support group for survivors and caregivers and has volunteered for the Brain Injury Association. Additionally, she has supported those with dual diagnoses experiencing homelessness. As a guardian, caregiver, and professional, Samantha is dedicated to providing support, guidance, and resources to survivors, their caregivers, and their support networks.

Rebecca Clerkin

BIHN Board Member

Rebecca (Becky) Clerkin has been a dedicated advocate and caregiver for her husband Rob since his first cerebral hemorrhage in 2013. Over the years, they have navigated multiple medical crises, including strokes, brain bleeds, and surgeries. Becky has gained extensive experience in managing brain injury recovery, insurance, and disability services.

Becky has served as the Library Director at Great Bay Community College for 30 years, where she researches brain injury and recovery practices. She and Rob volunteer with Wentworth Douglass Hospital’s Stroke Survivor 2 Survivor program, providing support to stroke survivors and their caregivers. Becky actively participates in support groups through various organizations and has trained with NAMI to facilitate support groups, focusing on brain injury and mental health. Soon, she and Rob will co-facilitate a monthly virtual support group for the Brain Injury Association of NH (BIANH).

Becky's board experience includes serving on the boards of the Dover Adult Learning Center, Dover Parents’ Music Club, and the Community College System of NH. She is a Reiki Master and has volunteered at Wentworth Douglass Hospital. Excited to join the Board of the Brain Injury Hope Network, Becky brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. Personally, Becky is an avid reader, loves spending time with her family and chocolate lab, enjoys milk chocolate (especially Lindt's), and has a passion for jewelry and daytrip adventures with Rob.

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