Meet the HOPE Team: The People Behind the Passion

Get to Know Our Dedicated Team Committed to Supporting and Inspiring the Brain Injury Community

Sarah and David A. Grant

Our Founders: David & Sarah Grant

David A. Grant is not just a survivor of traumatic brain injury; he's a beacon of resilience and hope for many. Based in southern New Hampshire, David's journey through recovery and adaptation has been meticulously documented in his book, "Metamorphosis, Surviving Brain Injury." This poignant narrative offers a glimpse into the first eighteen months of his redefined existence post-injury, providing solace and understanding to fellow survivors and their families.

Beyond his personal story, David has contributed his insights and experiences to the wider brain injury community. His writings have appeared in "Chicken Soup for the Soul: Recovering from Traumatic Brain Injuries," offering inspiration to those on their own paths to recovery. As a staff writer for, a renowned WETA/PBS resource, David continues to educate, inspire, and advocate for brain injury awareness and support.

Sarah Grant, as the former Editor of HOPE Magazine, and content curator, plays a pivotal role in curating content that resonates with survivors, caregivers, and professionals within the brain injury community. Her unique perspective as a caregiver enriches the publication, ensuring it addresses the multifaceted aspects of living with and caring for someone with a brain injury. Sarah's commitment extends beyond the magazine, as she founded and administers a supportive Facebook Community for caregivers, fostering a space for shared experiences, advice, and encouragement.

Together, David and Sarah's endeavors—spanning publications, social media, and online resources—reflect their dedication to supporting the brain injury community. Their collective efforts aim to offer hope, guidance, and peace to all affected by brain injury.

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